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About Non Phixion
Non Phixion is a group of friends, who are like minded mythic-raid-skilled players that share a passion for playing games together. Founded in 2011 on Defias Brotherhood, Non Phixion has grown in a community over the years and brought together some really talented players.

After taking a year away from the game the community decided to come together to reform the guild for legion under the old banner with reduced raiding hours to accommodate our change in lifestyles as we have grown older.

Guild Aim:

We aim too be a friendly, yet focused guild that raid 2 nights a week (Weds/Sun 20:30-23:30) and aim to do our best with the time we have. We understand that not all of our players can maintain “hardcore” raiding schedules anymore and aim to produce the standards and quality of raiding within this 2 day window to allow people to still achieve their in-game goals.

In short, we aim too kill as many bosses and content we can while keeping things friendly, enjoyable and focused. Non Phixion is above all a community of players and our core will focus on having fun while enjoying the game together.

Guild Requirements:

What we expect from you
- 90% attendance
- A positive and mature attitude
- Preparation for raid days (I.E flasks, pots etc)
- If available read up on raid mechanics/tactics
- Enthusiasm for raiding and gaming in general
- Stable internet connection

What you can expect from us
- A community of friends that are passionate about gaming
- Gamers that are equally skilled in raiding
- Clearing content without the hardcore feel or time requirement
- Activities on non raid days (I.E Mythic+ dungeons, bgs etc)

Away from raiding you can expect an active community of experienced players with backgrounds in challenge mode realm best times, CM boosting, raid boosting and high level pvp/arena and RBG’s. Also active participation in other competitive games. As the content progresses so will our experience within the game and our members will always find a way to push the game to the next level or find a way to keep things interesting.

Like what you see?

We welcome anyone looking for a long term home surrounded by strong and able team mates and friends who want to have fun with world of Warcraft and raiding – without surrendering every night to achieve it.

If this is something you are interested in you should apply here and join this amazing community!
Phixion / Jul 06, 2016

Non Phixion was originally established in 2011 on Defias Brotherhood EU by a group of players who wanted to maintain a solid raiding experience without having to sacrifice every single night to achieve it. We raided together for 4 years before dis...